The Smiths Part 2 More Bath 83 unseeness!!

Hey here's the rest of that cryptically cool Smiths 83 set from Martin Whitehead.
How these remained out of view for thirty years is beyond my comprehension?!
Thankfully the negatives survived the extended sentence of cruel cold isolation to bring so much curious intrigue and revelry to the world today.


  1. Hey, thanks for the great photos. I'd like to get in touch with Martin about getting permission to use one of them on my Smiths site, would it be possible to email me? thom@smithsonguitar.com Thanks!

  2. Fantastic shots!

  3. Again thanks so much for sharing these! So unexpected. Love them.

  4. Thanks mate!!! I will post it in www.facebook.com/thesmithsinposters naming you and the website where people can find all ones.
    Marc Capella

  5. Sam, could you email me on empirestategas@gmail.com

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