It's Happening!

Fellow brethren.
Welcome to A Scene In Between.
If you're familiar with the mighty tome and my original blog 'Leaders of Men' then you'll know what kinda racket to expect and where my heads permanently at.
Tune in and turn on for irregular updates focussing on the sartorial leanings of youth guitar noisters from the mythological 60's through to the fuzzy indie 80's, plus occasionally something...... contemporary!? Yes it could happen.
A Scene In Between volume two is in the pipeline and this time it's international! So send me your 80's indie pics no matter where ya from and become immortalised in print. You know it makes sense.


  1. Great Smiths pictures... It reminds me that not everyone at that time had a bowl haircut. I went with the quiff, modeling mine on Edwyn's... Oh yes, don't forget that the man who wore his fringe like Roger McGuinn's developed a wicked quiff cira Texas Fever and beyond! Most people I knew (a lot of that bay63 / Falcon scene) had either a quiff or the fringe. Ironically I have the fringe now.
    It's a lovely book by the way, obviously there are a million bands missing, but hey, I'm expecting a part two three and twenty. It's great that you are looking into the style aspect of it which has been criminally overlooked in the past. I'm looking forward to more.

  2. Sam, how does one contact you?

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